The Breath Pacer

The Breath Pacer
Once you’ve learned the basic breathing technique with dynamic visualization of sunlight and attention oscillating between body and surrounding, simultaneously focusing on the feeling of gratitude, use the provided audio breath pacer during your Coherence Exercise.

The breath pacer combines slow, deep pacing at 5.5 breathing cycles per minute with brainwave entrainment at Alpha 10 Hz and Gamma 100 Hz embedded in soundscapes and music. Using the breath pacer helps immerse you in the experience and lead you into a state of engagement and balance between focus and relaxation. It also enhances the beneficial physiological changes in breathing and heart, ANS, and brain activity. It’s a potent training device that you should use for about six weeks, and then it may be beneficial to continue practicing the exercise without it.

Don’t worry if you can’t follow all the instructions instantly. With a little practice, you’ll grow into this meditation and it will become second nature for you.

Please use headphones when listening to the breath pacer.

You can download the MP3 files from this website and choose from breath pacers in different soundscapes (music).

Excerpt from the book: Manifesting Your Best Future Self. Developing Health, Happiness and success. Kindle and Amazon.

Caution: Do not listen to the audio file and do not practice the relaxation training while driving or operating machinery.

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