Coherence Training - Instructions

Coherence Training - Instructions
This exercise works best if practiced regularly in a rhythm that fits your lifestyle. Practicing it at the same time each day reinforces its effect. Soon after waking and/or before falling asleep can be particularly effective. Don’t try to do the exercises for at least one hour after a main meal.

The Creating Coherence exercise consists of the following parts:

  • Activate and maintain a feeling of gratitude
  • Breathe slowly and deeply
  • Visualize sunlight oscillating between body and periphery
Let’s start with the exercise. Please sit comfortably with your arms and legs uncrossed. Become aware of the ground underfoot and the contact your body makes with your chair.

1. Create and sustain the feeling of gratitude

Activate gratitude by imagining for a moment how grateful you are that a desired (future) goal has already become reality. Ask yourself why you feel so grateful for having achieved this goal. Once you’ve created the feeling of gratitude, let go of your thoughts and images and hold on to the feeling while breathing slowly and deeply. If you lose it, you may focus on recreating it in your thoughts while continuing the slow, deep breathing described in the next section.

Select a goal, personal or professional, that you’d like to achieve. This goal can be a new personality trait (such as greater compassion toward yourself and others), a health goal, a career advancement, or a material possession.

Only choose goals you’re confident are achievable and bring no harm to yourself and others. You may start modest and become bolder over time.

Ask yourself how achieving this goal would be good for you and others, and why. Now imagine you’ve already achieved it and feel deep gratitude for your imagined achievement.

Imagine a concrete life situation that tells you that you’ve achieved your goal. Imagine it as if it’s happening right in front of you. Experience the future as if it’s happening now. Make sure that any lack of confidence or fear of failure is replaced during your imagination with gratitude for the achieved.

Now drop your thoughts of your goal and hold on to the feeling of gratitude throughout the exercise. Merge the feeling of gratitude with your deep, slow breathing.

Once you’ve created the feeling of gratitude, let go of your thoughts and images, and hold on to the feeling while breathing slowly and deeply. If you lose it, you may focus on recreating it in your thinking and imagination while continuing with the slow, deep breathing described in the next section.

You may practice this step for a few days or weeks before adding the next step.

2. Breathe slowly and deeply

  • Slow breathing: 5.5 seconds in and 5.5 seconds out (slowly build up the duration).
  • Now breathe deeply and slowly through your nose, gently in and out.
  • Breathe from your diaphragm upward, filling about 80% of your lungs with air from the bottom up.
  • Breathe into the back and front of your lungs.
  • As you inhale, feel your belly expanding and fill your lungs up to 75% with air.
  • As you exhale, breathe gently out through your nose as your belly gently contracts. If you can’t breathe through your nose, then breathe gently through your mouth.
  • Breathe comfortably and smoothly and don’t force your breath.
  • Once you’re comfortable with this exercise, please start using the audio breath pacer (“Coherence breath pacer”).
As you match the breath pacer with your breath, maintain deep breathing and focus on your heart and the feeling of deep gratitude while imagining the sunlight expanding into the space around you with every inhalation and contracting back into your body with exhalation.

The breath pacer will help you achieve and maintain the right breathing rhythm. If the pace of the sounds is initially too slow for your liking, follow it with your breathing rhythm for as long as it feels comfortable. Then pause and follow your own rhythm, listening to the tones only, until you’re ready to join in again. You may want to alternate for the first few days, until you feel comfortable following the pacer throughout the training.

Please use headphones when listening to the sound files. Use the breath pacer for approximately six to eight weeks. Afterward, you’ll be able to practice the whole exercise without any technical help. You can download the breath pacer MP3 files onto your phone from this website.

3. Imagine sunlight oscillating between body and periphery

  • Once you’re able to create and sustain a feeling of gratitude and to follow the breath pacer with your breathing, you may add this dynamic visualization as a third step.
  • Imagine your body filled with the golden light, warmth, and vibrance of the sun.
  • Imagine your body inside a bubble filled with sunlight, with a diameter of approximately 3 yards (radius of 1.5 yards—this is the extent of the heart’s electromagnetic field).
  • As you inhale, imagine that the golden light, warmth, and vibrance of the sun flow from your body into the periphery, filling the bubble in front and back, left and right, and top and bottom entirely.
  • As you exhale, imagine that the golden light, warmth, and vibrance of the sun flow from your surrounding bubble into your entire body.
  • Try to maintain the feeling of gratitude during breathing and visualization.
Imagine your entire body, every organ, tissue, and cell, filled with the golden light, warmth, and vibrance. Feel the lightness of your body and experience the warmth and the life vibration of the sun within your body, too.

Sustain this flow of light, warmth, and vibrance between body and surroundings throughout the meditation. As you continue breathing and visualizing the moving sunlight, feel deep gratitude for all healing, goodness, beauty, truth, and abundance coming into your life. Continue to breathe golden light, warmth, vibrance, and gratitude in and out.

Practice this exercise once or twice daily in the morning and/or in the evening, but also briefly before and after challenging events.

You may just focus on slowing and deepening your breath and focusing on gratitude and the sunlight in your body and surroundings for one to five minutes with or without the breath pacer during the day, for example, before and/or after a challenging event.

Practice Coherence Breathing for the duration of 15 minutes at least once daily.

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Caution: Do not listen to the audio file and do not practice the relaxation training while driving or operating machinery.

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