Book Content

What is Adaptive Resilience

Exercise 1: Coherence Training

  The Breath Pacer

  Rescue Breath

Exercise 2: Quick stress relief

Exercise 3: In- Step- Technique

  Step 1: Review (Stepping out)

  Step 2: Contemplation (Making sense)

  Step 3: Mental rehearsal (Stepping in)

Exercise 4: A courageous conversation with myself (Contemplation)

  Strengthen Your Willpower and Attract Favorable Circumstances

Exercise 5: Mindful nature observation

Exercise 6: Active listening

Exercise 7: Transforming Difficult Relationships 

Addendum: Physiology and Psychology of Stress and Resilience 

The Autonomic Nervous System 

The Physiology of Engagement and Flow

Positive Emotions 

Summary and Conclusion

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